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The steam child

The steam child
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Do you know how pleasant is it to look through the windows? It saved my last summer.

Mom and I, we belong to nowhere in special. Mom says she is just a life’s pass-by and that I will become one eventually. And that sounds alright, at least for my short seven years of life; and without taking into consideration that I know more about the universe now. I know how fish breath, and how mountains were formed. Now I know that mount Asama is not just a giant rock you know and that I am definitely not just a little kid.

I knew that me and mom, we belonged nowhere in special but I really wanted to find a cozy place to rest, at least for five minutes. Every time we would go to a different hotel to rest, my head would feel dizzy, and I would miss dad A LOT.

Where’s my charming bed, where are my friends, where’s home mom? I’m not mentioning about dad again because you already know it, and I sound redundant and stupid, and that’s not my point.

You seem distressed mummy.

In a nutshell, I miss dad, I miss home (never had one but still). I really want to follow mom’s steps about not belonging anywhere but something won’t just feel okay sometimes. Maybe is how the lobby man would look at us as if we were nothing but troubled souls every time we take the first step onto a new hostel.

Often, we change hostels just because my mom gets tired of how dirty it is, or just once the administration guys would throw us out. (I really never got any explanations about why this keeps happening)

But, again, in the second nutshell, looking through windows saved my summer. I found a home. Don’t ask me just why. That’s such a simple question. It just happened, people at the sides of the train rail when we were going from hotel to hotel. They would wave, wait for the train to pass by their solitary homes, even in the rainiest days.

Maybe they knew I was looking for a home! They seemed so tranquilized, so inert. Just as the base of a house, but they were also cheerful, they gave my house incredible colors. They were my main guests, who would always come at six pm to eat okonomiyaki next to the chimney and always, always, right next to mom.
Date: 2018-12-29 14:23:34

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