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Green Cups - $ 5 Each

Green Cups - $ 5 Each
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Here is something I wrote yesterday. This pic goes entangled with the text. If you read through and you notice some gramatical mistakes. I beg you tell me. My english is not that good and when i was about to write i decided to do it in english. For now there's no spanish or german version. :P


. I came to think recently in a life build over choices. Like you are in some way tied to choice on every situation. After driving a while in your Outrun game you have to decide which side you will turn the wheel to. Left or Right? Going towards what? I don’t know, think it depends on who and when. I met people who choice most over materialistic aspects in life. On the other hand there are people trying to keep the path that leads to the top of the cliff... What for? Hum... Maybe just lay down on the field and take a glance over the valley looking at the people that still are throwing the hook trying to catch some golden empty fish and watch over and over again how their drawn corpses get rotten in that horrid falls full of sharp stones. You can choose between a great number of different possibilities, but you can resume all this in a single and binary choice. One or Zero. Yes or No. If you look deep you will notice that you actually live in a Noish life. You are too No unless you take the chance over a Yes.

. Is there something more utterly boring to live Noish? Like traveling alone in space with no direction toward nowhere and so slow you can’t even notice you are actually moving 45000 Km/h. That’s too close to Zero in space terms... So you are trapped in a polar universe. Where stars are Yes and vacuum is No.

. Every morning you woke up after a few beeps. You uncover yourself, zombie walk to the kitchen and turn the fire on to heat some coffee. You grab your favorite green cup and you fill it with some black coffee no sugar and little milk. What if you throw and smash the cup right on the wall? It’s a binary choice, isn’t it? Ok let’s do it. Oh my! That wasn’t actually “your” cup. It was your “sister’s” cup. Before getting into any trouble you walk down to the market looking for a green cup. After several hours of a sick seek you find that boring cup abandoned in a dust overtaken shelf. When you hold it you notice that there were some female fingers grabbing it at the same time. Your eyes meet a cute and pale face deep-green-eyed. You smile right after her. Words start coming out as they squeeze finally in an unexpected coffee date. Five years later you find yourself making plans to buy a flat to live in with her. But in the beginning it was just a matter of smashing the cup or not. Of course I’m not trying to sell you green cups, do I? But if you came to think it is amazing how these choices could work out.

. Are we really aware while we are taking such important choices? I don’t think so. We seem to be busy enough to pay attention to such tiny things. But in the end we are very likely to find out how many chances we missed in our vacuum trips. That’s right; too late.

. While walking the path we can also throw the choice-dice to other people so they can take some chance on you. Maybe to find out if they care about you, maybe to find friendship, maybe to get a new job or just find the beloved one. But you also know people today live hysterical enough and too worried about daily stuff. The dice you threw is full of NO labels in five of its six faces. That leads to the idea that chances over monotony are overwhelming. And that’s a true pity.

. Green cups: us$ 5 each. This price does not include shipment or extra fuel to abandon vacuum traveling. And if you pick a star and after some time she collapses in a black hole and drags you to nowhere: We are not responsible and you have no right to sue us. Of course assuming you could send us a slider lawyer from some other crapy dimension. I wrote.


Here its a link for the large version.
This is a picture I took this morning. There are no filters. I just touched a little the color curve. It is not my blood, it is my own victorinox, it is my own green cup, and the paper was the original packaging of the beer chops that one of my friends gave me as a gift.
Date: 2004-06-08 21:43:54

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it's beautiful, bloo!
Vanlal. 2004-06-09 13:32:12
gefällt mir gut, besonders die Farben sind
christopfer 2004-06-11 22:33:08
Would you be my shrink?
( workaholic from Ituzaingó)
witch 2004-06-24 18:18:32
I'm unable to tide my own brain.. but if you don't care of that I can be your psychiatrist :)
bloo 2004-06-25 09:26:15
Ragazza Guapa 2004-11-08 06:30:34
chess_b_o_a_r_d 2006-06-05 00:34:57

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